Quality first!

Every jersey is crafted with the same maniacal attention to detail with which we craft jackets in Naples, an accuracy process which requires 22 steps, half of which are completed strictly by hand. The yarn rests for two days in special cabinets to give the fibres the right amount of stretch. Once knit, they are analysed against a back light to ensure their perfection. Only then will the garment be crafted, and once again inspected, this time on backlit mannequins, by master craftsmen.

Nerano: the luxury of comfort

Nerano is a modern polo shirt. Light, cool, and elastic, it’s a button-up knit jersey suitable for an informal look with an elegant and sophisticated twist. It’s a product that combines the know-how of our knitting facility in Fidenza and that of our shirt tailors in Arzano. Nerano is a knit garment, elastic in both warp and weft, its creation takes six hours and 22 steps by hand.
Quality, simplicity, and exclusivity: the small pocket, sewn on with two bar-tacks, is the only graphic element on the Nerano shirt.

“If I were not already doing this job, I would happily pay to d it” - Ciro Paone