A contemporary flair

Must-have garments tell Kiton’s story with a contemporary appeal. New details and original inspirations.
Icons to wear, feel and love.
In the hands of our tailors, the past moves forward and the future is tinged with tradition.


The Suit

Our suits are distinguished by the finest fabrics, colourful textures, and up-to-date shapes. A new formal language open to contaminations to redefine the aesthetics code of male elegance.

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The Unstructured Jacket

The jacket becomes lighter and more refined in its weight and consistency, going beyond even the classic untouchable nonchalance and the idea of elegant effortless grace that is typical of Neapolitan tailoring. Chic, lightweight and impalpable, hugging the wearer’s body perfectly.

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“Elegance must be combined with simplicity, An elegant person can always find the right clothes in their wardrbe to suit any occasion" - Ciro Paone