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6 Ciro is Kiton's ode to and celebration of its legendary founder, expressed through a sensual, persuasive fragrance with strong, prestigious character. In its artistic alchemy, 6 Ciro Eau de Parfum accentuates rebellious, intoxicating elegance: theintense olfactory nobility of oud fuses with multifaceted cashmeran, resulting in a mix of sophisticated oriental notes. Saffron, otherwise known as 'red gold', is interlaced with delicate jasmine and sprucewood forming a flawless synergy of contrasts. Ambergris and labdanum are exalted by luminous musk for a rich, persistent trail, capable of transporting us on a truly alluring sensorial voyage. Ciro Paone, the founder of Kiton, carved out his life by pursuing a single, life-long ambition: to create something extraordinary, the best of the best. And from there, go one step even further. He always pushed the boundaries, going that extra mile to make all the difference. Volume: 100 ml.

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