Sartorial codes

With an international guise and its more contemporary image, Kiton sportswear keeps its natural lightness of touch and never loses the supreme sense of quality. The garments combine experience with meticulous care and are the outcome of careful study and fastidious research. Whether made of leather, fabric, fur or technical textiles, Kiton sportswear follows the sartorial codes: the finest materials, adaptability to the body and movements.

Leisure-chic inspirations

The Kiton sportswear collection speaks the language of the modern cosmopolitan gentleman who is always flawless. The end result is a garment of impeccable quality with a thoroughly distinctive style. It stands out for its dynamism and versatility, it maintains a perfectly poised balance between performance and painstaking attention to detail.

“Everyone craves a bit of honur and paradise” - Ciro Paone