Tailoring art is a vocation. Kiton Tailoring School classes were born from the desire to promote specialisation following the individual skills of each student.
Our aim is to cultivate an attitude towards a profession, an art, satisfying the aspirations of young talents to be trained.


Most of our students are from Naples. Requests also come from abroad although, with a healthy dose of local allegiance, the intention is to give priority to local talent to contribute to the development of Campania, an environment which is far from easy.
80 percent of them find employment at Kiton or in third party companies.


Teaching the Know-How

“If the world is not producing tailors, it is necessary to create them,” Ciro Paone used to say. A three-year course taught by internal teachers who trained young people aged 16-21 for the world of work. The first two years are devoted to the creation of jackets but they are not sufficient to acquire the complete method and the right rhythm of work. Therefore, during the third year, the students are required to choose, and specialise in a specific phase of production.

Kiton Tailoring


The school aims to teach new generations, to instill in them the savoir-faire crucial to the long-term survival of the craft tradition. Dedicating two years to learning how to create a jacket, sharing the “handmade” philosophy, preventing this heritage from being dissipated and preserving it for the future. Becoming a tailor requires time and dedication, a greater effort than other professions. It means turning a vocation into a job to be carried out with passion and mastery.

“My greatest source of pride is to have restored dignity to the tailoring professin” - Ciro Paone