KNT: Kiton New Textures

KNT, the acronym of Kiton New Textures, is the urbanwear collection created in Italy by twins Mariano and Walter De Matteis, the third generation of the family.
Starting from the obsessive research into new fabrics, the collection incorporates the highly esteemed tailoring knowledge for which Kiton is renowned the world over, combined with modern cuts and nonchalant structures that are focused on urban architecture and metropolitan culture.

Exclusive Kiton yarns are worked with equipment not traditionally associated with the world of tailoring to create graphic effects and textures never previously attempted for a classic men’s wardrobe. Warp and weft, symbols of a centuries-old tradition, evoke the grates and pavements of modern cities, with industrial details and a rediscovered minimalism of shapes, nuances and volumes that blend various stylistic languages with simplicity. The tailoring procedures have been lightened to obtain greater versatility, practicality and dynamism.


Conscientiously respectful of Mother Earth in order to improve the quality of life and deliver a better world to future generations. Respect is the main form of love.

KNT is Kiton’s experimental lab

The rules of tailoring are brought into new trends.