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These hand-crafted running shoes come in navy blue suede. The sole comes in EVA, an innovative, supple and hypoallergenic material that is non-toxic and shock-absorbent, which gives these shoes extraordinary flexibility and comfort and makes them particularly suitable for being worn across all seasons. White calfskin lining. All Kiton pieces are made from meticulously selected hides and assembled by expert craftsmen in our atelier in Naples. The superior quality hides are also processed by handusing artisan washes and dyes. Any imperfections, colour clouding, veining or creases distinguish Kiton products and make them one-of-a-kind. Kiton's calling is to innovate through aesthetic and technique, while never losing sight of tradition: we interpret trainers based on our philosophy and quality always comes first. The benefit of ''handmade'' products can be felt in their increased comfort: in fact, the insole is particularly soft and ergonomic. Dry cleaning is recommended. To preserve the beauty and integrity of our products, we recommend following a few specific guidelines: avoid prolonged exposure to sources of light, heat and humidity; avoid contact with greasy or oily substances, make-up, perfumes and solvents; it is best to avoid contact with water.

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